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Minitab Training

As an authorized Minitab Products reseller, we also provide training in the use and application of the Minitab Software.  This includes Minitab 18 Statistical Software and Quality Companion.  The following information describes the basic Minitab Training.  Minitab Software is required for this training along with a computer for each participant.  For assistance in setting up this training and securing the appropriate software and hardware, please contact us.

Minitab Statistical Software Courses                    Prerequisites                                                    Length
Introduction to Minitab                                                Familiarity with Windows®                                   1 day

Basic Statistics                                                            Introduction to Minitab                                        2 days

Statistical Quality Analysis                                          Introduction to Minitab - Basic Statistics              2 days

Factorial Designs                                                         Introduction to Minitab - Basic Statistics             2 days

Quality Companion Course                              Prerequisites                                                    Length

Quality Companion Essentials                              Familiarity with Windows®         3 days