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Introduction to Quality Technology

This topic covers basic quality philosophy from Deming, Juran and others.  Basic quality tools are reviewed along with techniques for application.  This material also covers the history and development of the Quality Function, key quality advocates in the history of the Quality Function and Continuous Improvement Tools and Techniques.

More advanced data analysis methods are presented along with classroom activities for application reinforcement.   Simple descriptive statistical measures through basic control and capability concepts and charts are reviewed.   This material can be customized with a clients actual data to further link the classroom work to the actual application of the tools and techniques.

This training can be customized in length and content to address the specific needs and goals of the client organization.  Typical durations are from 2 to 4 days and may be done back to back or over a period of several weeks.  Application assignments can be given to solidify the concepts to the actual practice of the organization.

This is an instructor led session.