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Internal Quality Auditing

Training Internal Auditors to meet various Quality Management System standards can be a daunting task.  Not only must the auditor be familiar the Quality System standard and the organization's requirements, they must develop good auditing skills.  Our Internal Auditor training provides a tiered approach to developing knowledge and skills in your employees so they can provide value added audits - not just go through the motions to complete a check box on the internal audit schedule.

We currently specialize in training for ISO 9001-2015, AS9100 Rev D and ISO 14001-2004.

This is a 3 day instructor led process.  

  • Day 1 covers the basic of auditing - planning, execution, writing nonconformities and closing as well as audit methodologies and techniques suitable for a wide range of auditing situations.

  • Day 2 reviews in detail the specific standard chosen (ISO 9001-2015, AS9100 Rev D or ISO 14001-2004) and also reviews the internal documents used by the client.  This review covers selected audit requirements and strategies for enhanced auditor performance.

  • Day 3 focuses on an actual audit (or simulated case study) allowing participants to fully engage the audit process in a real time activity.  The participants work through the planning, execution, reporting and closing process to gain additional confidence in the audit process.

While this training is designed for Internal Auditing, the principles and techniques can easily transfer to other audit areas of your. organization such as supplier auditing or environmental health and safety.

For maximum effectiveness, we meet with the client prior to the session to understand their quality system and review results of third party audits in preparation for the training.  We work with the client to develop the application audit for the Day 3 event.

What others say about our Internal Quality Auditor Training

"Our company was required to upgrade our quality system to AS9100 Revision C, which involved a complete changeover to process-based auditing.  Wes Shelton stepped up to the challenge by becoming certified to the new revision before developing a first-class training program for our internal auditors. "

"His presentation combined classroom activity with practical applications, giving our trainees a well-rounded approach.  The result was a team of effective internal auditors, capable of objectively evaluating our company's compliance and shortcomings and subsequently culminating in a successful transition and certification to the aerospace industry's latest requirements."

Brian B.
Aerospace component parts manufacturer